" and they will study to show themselves
Approved "
A real "Change"and true "Investment" where
it will count.

Invest in the future of our Children

All of Them
  • An Investment of $10,000 - $ 100,000 for the 13 or 14 years of grade school Pre-K to
    12th grade graduation.
  • To Encourage and Motivate our children into understanding what a structurally sound
    financial security will mean for their future.
  • A foot in the door on any University, College or Trade School tuition
  • For better understanding and a promise for a Brighter future
  • For the Love of our lives and the future of our very exsistance

*** A public Notice will be made when it is time to start
 signing children into contract with C. O. D. ***

There are currently both Legal and Financial hurdles to overcome but this Mission" Will "
happen and this change " Will " take place.

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Children Of Davaonn'e
Children of Davaonn'e
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